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Bonchon's Top Selling Dishes

Chicken Wings

Delicious chicken wings with Bonchon glaze

Fish and Chips

Fish fillet, special breading mix, spices

Popper Fries

Chicken chunks, Bonchon glaze, fries

Chops Boxed Meal

Chicken chops, Bonchon glaze, rice

Bonchon's Korean and fast food delivery

Enjoy Korean food delivery in Philippines

Philippines is home to many fried chicken chain stores from the west, but recently several Asian fried chicken stores are making their mark in the fast food market. BonChon Chicken is a South Korean restaurant chain that started out in 2002 and has now expanded across the world to several branches in U.S. cities including Philadelphia, New York, Boston, San Francisco, as well as outlets in Asia in Jakarta, Bangkok, Singapore and our very own Makati in Metro Manila. You can now enjoy Bonchon delivery from your home or office by quickly placing your order on the foodpanda smartphone app or online. Bon Chon Philippines, like its other counterparts, brings you juicy, moist chicken with crispy crusts, delicious, light and non-greasy chicken with an addictive spicy glaze or soy garlic flavoring.

The items on the BonChon menu was perfected over the years by founder and owner Mr. Jinduk Seh, and the original Korean chicken made an impressive foray into the U.S. market in 2006, despite stiff competition from existing U.S. fried chicken brands. Manila locals first got a taste of the Korean fried chicken in 2010, and since then the flavours have caught on and become popular with young people, families, ex-pats and everyone who enjoys fried chicken across several locations in Philippines. You can now enjoy Bonchon delivery sitting at home, which is a bonus for people who dislike eating alone at restaurants but don't want to share their chicken with anyone else!

The BonChon menu in Philippines includes the trademark crispy yet light Korean fried chicken, but also offers the largest selection of other items on the menu compared with other global Bon Chon outlets. The original chicken comes in three flavour varieties - spicy, classic soy garlic, or a new honey citrus flavour. There is a vast selection of other items that you can also order with your chicken. These include, but are not limited to, sandwiches, noodles, rice meals, bulgogi (a Korean dish of grilled marinated beef), snacks, noodles, sides and desserts like the Crispy Crepes or Korean Yoghurt. Whether you enjoy crispy and tangy soy and garlic wings or spicy hot, drumsticks, fried breast meat, fries, salads, kimchi and other Korean-inspired specialties that suit Filipino tastes, you'll find the Bonchon delivery menu has something for you. There are several Bon Chon outlets across the Philippines, in Makati, Laguna, Cavite, Davao, Bulacan and elsewhere, and more franchises are opening up soon.